Thursday, July 9, 2009

Done with my PC Hardware and OS Maintenance class. Eight weeks, nine hours a week. It was kind of brutal, but I mostly enjoyed it.

Our instructor showed us our grades at the end of class--I got a 99.25%. Don't know if that's the highest in the class, but it's up there. "Nice job," he said. "You deserved it." I said that the class indicated to me just how much I had to learn, but he pointed out that now I understood that it was all stuff that was knowable. And that's important.

So now I'm focusing mostly on my Networking course...and it's starting to get interesting. It helped that the week before networking started, our hardware/OS instructor gave us an introduction to most of the concepts, and there are two good chapters in the textbook that provide a nice overview of local and wide-area networks. It was good to take this course before plunging into networking--some of my classmates who had taken networking first mentioned that they'd been a bit lost and wished they'd taken this class first. I suspect it's a good prerequisite for a lot of things, but most of all, it gave me confidence.

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